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Cross - stitch is an ancient national embroidery with a long history. As a result of what each district culture is not identical, as time elapse, the development of cross-stitch also formed respective and different style, no matter be the color of embroider line, fabrics or qualitative material, design, do not provide craftsmanship. However, famous painter zhang zeduans "riverside scene at qingming festival" embroidery has always been regarded as a treasure by collectors, worthy of collection.


长:1.8m 宽:86cm



"Qingming river tu" with its vast content, occupies an important position in the design of cross-stitch patterns, complex pattern design and large project to the production of cross-stitch qingming river tu increased the difficulty, so that many cross-stitch lovers are prohibitive, and then lead to the qingming river tu cross-stitch products high prices. As cross-stitch art increasingly hot, "qingming river tu" cross-stitch edition also got peoples love at the same time, became worthy of "national essence".




Experts comment: this is a "qingming river map" part of the cross embroidery, embroidery characters, livestock, houses, sedan chair, boats, trees, the scene is huge, the content is extremely rich, fine performance, rich color, natural transition, strong texture.




The partial picture selected by the Tibetan friends is the center point of the whole qingming riverside picture, and it is also the most dense, passionate and wonderful part of the whole picture. It reflects the natural beauty and prosperity of the bianjing and both sides of the bianhe river.




Collectors to cross-stitch has a unique love, she spent three years of time, with a variety of different colors of cross-stitch embroidery thread, which is a glimmer of gold thread to make the work more glittering, collectors completed a 1.8 meters long, 86 cm wide big "qingming scroll" cross-stitch work, painted musquash city bridge house of lu, near and far, all-encompassing, scenery, with rich colors and shades together.




This piece of work with modern cross embroidery to show the bianhe pier bustling and lively scene, the long scroll as beautiful as picturesque, bright and beautiful color, smooth and clean, transition natural, strong texture, pure handmade embroidery, embroidery work fine. From a distance, as if with a pen drawn, magnificent, close to look, a needle line is not ambiguous, pull line uniform coherent, the direction is consistent, needle close, pavilion, buildings, figures, livestock embroidered fine and vivid, breathtaking.




Cross stitch although the entry is shallow, simple operation, but complex design and large project to the qingming river on the cross stitch on the production of increased difficulty, this piece of work not only needs a lot of time, but also needs amazing perseverance, for vomiting work, collection value is not cheap!

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